Sand Spheres | The Evolution of a Family-Owned Business

We've proudly made our sand spheres and desktop zen gardens since 2008. Each design, such as our Swirls sand sphere, is carefully mapped out and hand-carved into a blank plaster sphere by our founder, Andrew Lonnquist. It can take him up to 50 hours to create one design and each design is his own, inspired by science, nature and math. No computers necessary for this process, just a honed sculptural sense, a steady hand, patience and a healthy imagination!

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Zen Garden | Give Your Desktop a Makeover

Give your desktop a makeover with a zen garden. A happy and calm workspace makes for boosted productivity and a desktop zen garden is a visual reminder to take a break every now and then. Our handmade sand patterning spheres provide a new spin on this age old idea with a creative sensory...

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Olander Earthworks Virtual Facebook Live- Every Saturday 12-12:30 PST

Like many other small businesses across the world, we had to close down our in-person craft show sales this March, due to COVID-19. Our business made it through the 2008 recession, grad school, two babies being born and other highs and lows, so we knew we had the grit to figure this out! 

This is no doubt our biggest business challenge yet, but the good news is that we have our creativity and ability to pivot and think quickly. We've made a number of changes and have others on the horizon, but today we're excited to share with you our weekly Facebook Live sales! Every Saturday from noon-12:30 PST, we'll be selling our products virtually on that platform.

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