Create Art With Us At Portland Saturday Market

Visit our giant sand tray at the Portland Saturday Market for an artistic, interactive and calming experience you won't forget. View concrete art in a way you never have before!

As you create and discover your own beautiful sand textures, you may find yourself longing for a compact and creative stress relief solution you can use daily in the workplace or your work-from-home space. If so, you're in luck. 

We offer desktop sand trays in varying sizes, perfect for a meditative healing session, whenever you need a quick grounding experience.  We do offer our beautifully curated Wonderscapes online (great if you need a quick, well-considered gift), but when you visit us live, there are a few special added benefits. 

Why buy from us in-person at the Portland Saturday Market

1) Meet the artist and brain behind our creations.

Most Saturdays, our founder and creator Andrew is there to walk you through the process, from discovery to building your own custom Wonderscape.


Some Saturdays you'll get to meet Andrew's wife and business partner, Sarah. She brings an art background, a love of community-building and an entrepreneurial spirit to the operation.  

2) We're always experimenting in the studio and playing with new designs and colorways.


It doesn't get more handmade than this! Our team is making our concrete art from start to finish every day. No factory floors or forklifts. We create our sand spheres in a studio environment, with artisans who have a passion and drive to create something beautiful. From our hands to yours, literally! 

3) Create an heirloom, one-of-a-kind art piece

We're here to listen to your needs and stories and always have a suggestion or two to guide you as you play. We can provide as much (or as little) creative input as you need.  We try to always provide a good mix of popular colors and designs, but we delight in helping you build your own, truly one of a kind set, based on your needs, interests and color palette. 

Be the first to see new things and share in our behind-the-scenes excitement!

When you support our small family business, you're supporting real people that believe in people over profit and that wholeheartedly stand behind the product we create.



We've been creating our original, handmade goods since 2008 as our family has grown right alongside our business. Come share your story with us and become a part of ours!

The Portland Saturday Market is an outdoor craft Market open every Saturday March-December. from 10am-5pm. Our booth location changes yearly, but you can usually find us under the bridge, a few rows away from the river. If you have trouble finding us, locate the little red info booth and they'll show you where we are. We're there most  Market weekends, but sometimes take a week or two off for an out-of-town show or little break. 

Keep in mind that when you visit us at the Market, we won't have the exact inventory you see on our website, but we'll have a great mix of many of our designs and colors. We only carry our natural trays at the Market, so if your heart is settled on one of our color trays, plan to order those online. Also, keep in mind that if you order online, we can't bring your order to pick up at the Market, we only offer pick up at our NE Sandy studio.

Feel free to reach out via our chat and we'll do our best to let you know if we're going to be at the Market on the weekend you're planning to come.


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