Play Well.

Handcrafted, interactive, tactile, elemental products focused on imaginative play to support your journey to wellbeing.

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We believe in the power of creativity to engage the senses, bringing moments of wonder, play and wellness to everyday life.

Wonderscapes provide a wholly unique, tactile art experience. They consist of a handmade wooden tray, fine crystalline sand and concrete spheres that leave meditative maps of your wellness journey.

  • Woman Meditating Using Kinetic Ceramic Balls and Sand and Candles


    Experience yourself in a new way; re-centering and connecting with your inner world through physical touch and movement.

  • Sand Meditation Zen Garden


    Unlock your own holistic rituals to create positive moments of peace, well-being, self-reflection and mindfulness.

  • Man playfully rolling his sand scape sand orbs with the tips of his fingers while enjoying his morning coffee


    Rekindle a connection to the elements through an analog sensory experience, no touch screen required.

  • So relaxing

    "So relaxing. I appreciate the care and uniqueness you put in all of your products. It’s a joy to relax with the textured balls that are fun to roll in the sand. Waves, bubbles and footprints-how perfect."

    - Carol P.

  • I love these guys

    "I love these guys I own 4 myself and recently purchased to give as part of gift boxes I made for my team who’s been working so hard during Covid."

    - Christina C.

  • Outstanding Craftsmanship

    "These are amazing pieces of art that make my sand plate so much fun to play with. Incredible craftsmanship."

    - Schaloe S.

  • So Beautiful!

    "I received this as a gift. It is such a beautiful addition to my home. The materials feel good to the touch, and have good weight. You will enjoy this!"

    - Elizabeth G.

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Family Owned Business

About Us

Founded in 2008, we are a family-owned studio of artists who are dedicated to bringing creativity to our community with our interactive, customizable multisensory art. We are lovingly based in Portland, Oregon.

Guided by our backgrounds in sculpture and painting, we make objects inspired by nature, math, science and wellness. Our sculptures and Wonderscapes are designed with the intention of bringing delightful newness to people’s lives; each encounter with our art should inspire a new creative journey.

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