Creativity In the Workplace

Creativity In the Workplace

Are you searching for creative and inspiring corporate gift ideas? An innovative sensory tool that will motivate and inspire your team?

What if there was a beautiful desktop accessory to help one ground their senses and break free from the monotony of everyday tasks? Our handmade Wonderscapes might be what you're looking for. Help them connect to their creative mind in a fun and engaging way. What is a Wonderscape? We'll get to that in a bit!

Inspiring Corporate Gift Ideas

         12" Sea Cave Wonderscape in concrete

First, what are some of the benefits of inspiring creativity in the workplace?

  • Non-linear thinking releases mental blocks and allows one to think outside the box. 
  • Creativity connects us to our senses. 
  • Looking at things from a new perspective cultivates mental flexibility and innovation.
  • Creating a culture of staying open-minded, curious and listening to one's intuition creates a dynamic workplace.

 Cultivating Creativity in the Workplace12" Shell Game Wonderscape in concrete

Okay, but what is a Wonderscape?! 

12" Natural Birch Tray with Lines Sphere and 12oz Sand

A Wonderscape is a sand tray with patterned spheres that create textures in the sand. Stamp and roll our handmade sand spheres and watch the textures build, no skills required. Our Wonderscapes activate creativity and promote a sense of calm with an interactive visual display of colors and textures. 

Desktop Sensory Kit

12" Coyote Moon Wonderscape

The additional beauty of our desktop sensory kits is that your designs can be easily shaken away to reveal a fresh surface for another sand play session. This routine reiterates the idea that everything is temporary and a clean slate to generate new ideas is just seconds away. 

Executive Desktop Wonderscape

Creative Client Gift Ideas7" Prickly Pear Wonderscape in Concrete

We offer many sizes of Wonderscapes, but our most popular desktop sizes are our 7 and 8" trays. They're light and compact and can easily be moved to make room, if needed. Even a small space can usually accommodate this mindful desktop accessory.

Executive Gift12" Dune Gazing Wonderscape

For an exceptional client gift, our 12" Wonderscapes offer a beautiful mix of patterns for one to play with, but still keep space considerations in mind. 

Motivational Executive Gift Ideas15" Desert Mystic Wonderscape

For an executive desktop and if one truly has the space to play, our 12 or 15" trays are wonderful choices.

 Whether you're looking for a corporate gift or a meaningful client appreciation gift that will really resonate, we have a little something for everyone! If you'd like to learn more about our desktop sand trays, check out this wonderful Elephant Journal article that delves into these desktop tools from the therapeutic side. We partnered with Elephant Journal and a couple of therapists so you could look into the scientific side of what makes these sets so satisfying.


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