Concrete Art Meets Interactive Desktop Accessory

Concrete Art Meets Interactive Desktop Accessory

Working from home, we often need a break from being on the computer. Work stress can build up throughout the day with no relief. Our Wonderscapes provide an immediate way to disconnect from the hustle and bustle and experience a moment of relaxation. Along with generating a calming effect, our handmade zen sand garden also cultivates creativity and curiosity.

When not in use, this interactive desktop accessory also provides a beautiful piece of handmade concrete art to admire. Each sand sphere is cast in concrete in small batches by artists in a studio, not with machines on a factory floor. This innovative calming tool was made by humans for humans to engage your senses. 

Creative Relaxation Tool

Featured Wonderscape: 15" Painted Wood Wayfinder


What is it about sensory play that is so satisfying?

We've found that zeroing in on our senses for a moment or two allows our minds to settle. We disconnect from our immediate emotions and into the grounding sensations we're seeing, hearing and feeling with our hands. Think of sitting by the ocean, taking in the rhythmic sounds as you watch the waves roll in and the sensation of cool sand beneath your toes. Fidget tools have become popular in recent years as a calming method for these same multi-sensory reasons. Fidgets come in all shapes and sizes.

Our Wonderscapes provide a simple, yet artistic way to achieve this same sensory satisfaction. Clever fidget tool meets handmade art object.

Creative Stress Relief Tool

Featured Wonderscape: 12" Concrete Midnight Lore


Some of our other favorite ways to disconnect and detach when we need to take a quick break from work include:

  • Taking a walk around the block and tuning in to the sounds of nature.
  • Making and enjoying a hot cup of tea.
  • Meditation. 

Hearing the rain fall or the wind rustling through the trees, or holding a hot mug and watching the steam rise also achieve some of these same calming effects. While we very much enjoy these stress relief tactics, we often don't have more than a minute or two to relax between meetings and all the other work tasks that pile up during a busy work day. 

Creative Stress Relief Tool

Featured Wonderscape: 8" Concrete Adrift


This is where the Wonderscape comes in.

It provides an immediate way to disconnect and engage your senses, without even needing to leave your work space. Roll the patterned spheres around to create patterns in the sand. This interactive tool is meant to activate the senses of touch, sight and hearing. Whether you have 30 seconds or 5 minutes, you have a creative and fun stress relief outlet right at your fingertips. 

Desktop Fidget Tool

 Featured Wonderscape: 12" Concrete Dunegazing


What size of Wonderscape should I get?

Check out our 7 and 8" sets in our Playa and North Coast colorways for the perfect desktop size, or curate your own from our wide selection of sand spheres. 

If you have a larger desktop or table, consider a 12 or 15" tray. 

Have fun selecting the perfect pairing for you!

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