Fine Grade Desktop Zen Garden Sand | Natural | Olander Earthworks
$ 3.00

Fine Sand | Desktop Zen Garden Accessories  | Olander Earthworks

Fine sand for your desktop zen garden. It's the optimum type of sand to pick up the fine textures of our Olander Earthworks sand spheres. We've found that the crystalline structure of this sand holds intricate patterns very nicely.


How much sand do I need?

Use the drop down menu to select the size of sand you want.

Tip: Use a shallow tray and thin layer of sand for best results. Start by pouring less sand than you think you need and test by rolling a sand sphere through the sand to create a pattern. If you see the bottom of the tray add a little more. Repeat this process till you no longer see the tray bottom. The less sand, the better.

All original designs created by us and handmade in our Portland studio. Build your own miniature zen garden and pick out your favorite spheres and sand to create the ultimate gift for others or for yourself.

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