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Fine Crystalline Sand

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We’ve spent a decade perfecting the sculptural craft of our sand spheres; they may look beautiful at rest but fully engage the senses in motion. Sand is the magic ingredient that brings these objects to life.

Click here to peruse our collection of sand patterning spheres.

How much sand do I need?

12oz, (fills our 9" Circular Tray 2 times)

16oz (fits our 12" Circular Tray almost 2 times)

24oz (fits our 15" Circular Tray with sand left over) 

36oz (fits our18" Circular Tray with sand left over)

Care Instructions

To remove any flecks or dust bunnies that may arrive in your Wonderscape sand, we suggest using a business card or any small flexible card stock to skim the surface of the sand. Sweep the anomalies into a little pile, then pinch or scoop them up.

Do not get the sand wet in any way; wet sand will clump and it’s no fun breaking it up. If filtering sand for any reason, we suggest doing it outside and/or wearing an N-95 mask.

All sand contains silica. While it’s harmless at rest, repeated exposure to airborne particulates can be harmful. We only wish to promote health and wellbeing.

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