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Circular Sand Tray | Natural

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Our birch plywood sand trays are designed to provide an ideal sand play experience. The rounded exterior profile and coved interior rim have aesthetic and functional qualities. They allow your palm and thumb a comfortable grip while lifting the tray to reset the sand. The interior cove also allows the spheres to make full contact with the sand surface, avoiding the border margin that results when rolling a sphere up against a box with vertical walls.

How much sand do I need?

5oz sand fills our 7" Diameter Mini Tray

7oz fills our 9" Diameter Circular Tray and our 8" Diameter Mini Tray

12oz fills our 12" Diameter Circular Tray

24oz fills our 15" Diameter Circular Tray

36oz fills our 18" Diameter Circular Tray



Care Instructions

If you need to clean your oiled wood product, we suggest spot treating with a damp, non-abrasive cloth. If you wish to refinish your tray, use tung oil or similar oil (danish/walnut/mineral/etc); avoid oiling the floor of the tray. Allow the piece to fully dry before refilling with sand.

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