Use Dried Moss to Create a Beautiful Sand Sphere Holder

Your Mini Zen Garden: Using Dried Moss to Create a Custom Sand Sphere Holder

The wonderful part about our mini zen gardens is that they're both beautiful art piece, worthy of display on the desk top or coffee table. Many people get excited and as their collection grows, they have more spheres than can be displayed on one tray. Ideally, you only want a few spheres on the tray at a time so you have a good amount of space to stamp and make patterns in the sand. 

We're working on stand-alone sphere holders for our sand-patterning spheres and zen garden kits, but we found a fun and creative solution that's quick and easy for you to set up yourself. A moss-filled tray or bowl will accentuate your sand tray and clear up space for you to play in the sand!

All you need is:

1) A bowl or Tray

2) Some Dried Moss or Other Dry Plant Material

You can use any size of bowl or tray, depending on how many spheres you have and how much space you have to display your sand tray and sphere bowl. The natural textures of the dried moss are beautiful next to our nature-inspired sphere patterns and the earthy colors pair well with many of our color ways. 

A long horizontal tray would be a wonderful solution if you have more than a few to display. The sky's the limit as far as what material the bowl is made out of. We used ceramic, but wood is a great choice too- just take care to pad the bowl enough that your spheres aren't scratching the hard surface. Shallow or deep doesn't matter either. You could always add a natural sponge or other filler material at the bottom of the bowl to take up space so you don't have to use too much moss.

Moss comes in many different colors- check out your local garden store to see what options they have. Although we've taken care to seal our spheres so the colors don't bleed, we don't recommend putting them on wet moss. Experiment with other dried plant parts and please, share your creations with us on Instagram or Facebook! Make sure to tag us so we can see and we'll share new display ideas as we come across them. 




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