Desktop Zen Garden | Create Calm

Desktop Zen Garden | Create Calm

As we all work more from home, it's more important to find time and space to disconnect and tend to our senses. This multi-disciplinary desktop sensory play set is handmade in the USA. All designs are hand-carved, molded and the final results are cast in small batch concrete pours. A therapeutic release and a playful, creative activity you can do alone or with others. Peruse our pre-selected zen garden kits, or build your own. 

During the COVID crisis, we will be hosting live sales sessions in our Portland studio. We have many more colors and patterns than represented on our website. If you'd like to virtually shop our studio stock, please contact us to schedule a time and we'd love to work with you to put together the perfect set for you.

If you'd rather view our pre-curated packages, take a look at all the options here.

Or, build your own set from scratch here

These one of a kind sets are a thoughtful gift idea for the person who needs a little calm in their life. Give your loved one a stress relieving, beautiful piece of art or gift it to yourself!

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