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The surface textures/patterns of this design represent as a pilot would see the countryside from 10,000 feet. A highway criss-crosses the farmland, with smaller roads dividing the textured plots, all intersected by a snaking, meandering river. While the sand pattern opens up a vast expanse of rolling terrain, the sphere in hand presents an intriguing optical journey that’s quite the experience in its own right.

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Designed and Made in Portland

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Family-Owned Business

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Handmade with Care

Each sphere we offer is hand cast in concrete and pigmented by our small team of talented artists. We take delight in the subtle variations resulting from each reproduction. Expect each piece to have unique characteristics in surface color and saturation that may differ slightly from the images above. On close inspection you will find parting lines from the mold seams, a small sanded area where the spru once was, and small surface bubbles inherent to concrete. These minor surface interruptions do not affect the texture transfer nor the solidity/integrity of the form. There’s a Wabi Sabi, perfectly imperfect nature to these hand carved and hand processed objects. We scrutinize each piece for our standard of quality before it goes out the door.

Sand Spheres work best in fine crystalline sand- buy ours here.