Beach Decor | Barnacles Sand Sphere | Blue Green
Beach Decor | Barnacles Sand Sphere | Blue Green Barnacles Artisan Zen Garden Accessory | Red Artisan Made | Barnacles Sand Sphere | Green Brown Artisan Zen Accessory | Natural Zen Accessory | Artisan Made | Premium Barnacles Sphere | Artisan Zen Garden Accessory
$ 30.00

Looking for high quality, innovative play therapy tools? Create your own sand art with this artisan zen garden accessory. No skill necessary! Our handmade cement Barnacles sand sphere calls to the sea. Use your hands to roll beach-inspired octopus-like tentacle patterns across the sand.

All of our designs are originals, handmade by us in our Portland studio. Enjoy this relaxing activity, knowing you're supporting a small business invested in quality, originality and community. Combine this neat accessory with our fine sand and trays to curate the ultimate sensory sand play set. 

Our spheres are cast in real cement (not that light weight cement-like material you often see in garden stores). They have a really nice weight and hand-feel, adding to your multi-sensory experience. 

We take delight in the subtle variations of each sphere. Expect the sculptures you receive to have unique characteristics in surface color and saturation that may differ slightly from the images above. Because they are cast from a mold, there are sometimes casting lines and small bubbles, which give each piece its own individual attributes. We closely inspect each piece for our standard of quality before it goes out the door.

Diameter: 2 3/8"

This listing is for one Barnacles Sphere. Each piece is made to order within 3-5 business days.