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Wall-Hanging Animal Heads | Flock of 25 Ravens

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Did you know that a group of Ravens is called an "Unkindness"? This powerful group of 25 cement Ravens is a dynamic conversation piece for the wall. We'll include a nailing template to arrange them into a 21" square, along with hanging and lighting instructions. If you'd like a square larger than 21", let us know and we can adjust the hanging template, however, to get shadows demonstrated in the photos above, 21" is ideal. If you'd like a larger number of Ravens, just send us a message and we can create a custom listing for you.

Your Ravens will be sent by USPS Priority Mail with insurance and delivery confirmation- keep in mind that since these are made to order, they will take about 3-4 weeks to produce.

Though each animal is a reproduction, we are not machines! We take delight in the subtle variations of each animal we produce. Expect the sculptures you receive to have unique characteristics in surface color and saturation that may differ slightly from the images above. We closely inspect each piece for our standard of quality and we approve all work before it leaves the studio.

The backs of the animals are hand titled by the artist, stamped with a makers mark and provide a hole that allows the work to hang flush to the wall on a nail or screw. Keep in mind that tilting an animal a little to the left or right can sometimes change the gaze and/or character of the expression.

Approximate Dimensions per Raven: 2 1/2H x 2 ¼W x 3D
Approximate Weight per Raven: 9oz

Your Ravens will be made to order & will take about 3-4 weeks to produce.


Care Instructions

Use an appropriately sized nail or screw (check fit of hardware in hole before mounting). Giving your hardware a slight uptilt will better secure the piece against the vertical surface.  

If your sculpture needs a quick dusting or minor surface cleaning we recommend simply rinsing it under water.  Be very gentle should the piece need any further wiping or scrubbing; use a soft cloth, brush or non-abrasive sponge to maintain surface quality.

If your texture makers get a little smudged, sticky or dirty, they can be gently scrubbed under running water with a sponge or nylon brush; no cleaners are necessary. Allow sculptures time to fully dry before placing them back in the sand.
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