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Enchanted Garden | 12" Wonderscape

We call this Wonderscape Magic Gardens. It is designed to reflect the symbiosis and natural cycles of nature. We designed it for gardeners and those who draw peace from the natural world. It includes the following: 

  • 12” Diameter, 3/4" thick handmade  birch plywood tray in Sage
  • 3 Concrete spheres
  • 12 oz. fine, crystalline sand
  • Sphere patterns: Flowers (large), Ripples (medium), Bees (small)

Note: This is a limited edition profile and it does not fit our tray covers, although you can use a tray cover to display your spheres off to the side!

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12" diameter

Care Instructions

  1. Pouring sand into your Wonderscape Don’t pour the whole bag all at once! Fill sand no higher than lower lip (below the curved scoop on the inner rim of your Wonderscape). Shallow sand is ideal for consistent overlapping patterns, but depth is subjective- do what makes you happy.
  2. Resetting the Sand Swirl & jiggle tray to smooth the sand. (you may be able to do this with spheres still)
  3. Lighting Side-angled lighting best highlights the sand texture. Ideally near table lamps/windows.

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Bring wonder, play, and wellness into your every day with an Olander Earthworks Wonderscape. Our customers love using our Wonderscape at home, at work, or in therapy as a tool to create grounding, peace, and flow. Roll, press, and play your way to well-being with an array of handcrafted concrete spheres and fine sand, all held by an artisan-made wooden tray.

Our Earthtone collection features natural hues that add a soothing, elemental energy to any setting.