Zen Garden | Give Your Desktop a Makeover

Zen Garden | Give Your Desktop a Makeover

Give your desktop a makeover with a zen garden. A happy and calm workspace makes for boosted productivity and a desktop zen garden is a visual reminder to take a break every now and then.

Our handmade sand patterning spheres provide a new spin on this age old idea with a creative sensory component. Sensory toys aren't just for kids. These playful texture orbs are fun for adults to stamp and roll too!

When you feel your anxiety build, take a moment to roll the spheres through the sand and watch beautiful patterns emerge. Experiment with different pressures and ways of rolling the spheres to create a temporary art piece, then smooth it away for a fresh start. It's simply a fun, playful activity that provides a little analog multi-sensory play amidst the digital world we live in. 

Buy one of our zen garden kits, or select a few spheres and fine sand and find your own shallow tray. Our spheres are made out of concrete, which give them a nice weight in the hand, not the featherweight cheap  poly resin plastic-like "cement" that sticks to the sand. Our sphere designs are dreamed up by us, then painstakingly carved and molded in silicone so we can make multiples. Then, each sphere is hand sanded and pigmented. 

We are a small family-owned business in Portland, Oregon. We love hearing from our customers and seeing their desktop set-up and sand creations, so feel free to tag us on social media, or e-mail us with your pictures and stories. 


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