Swirls Sensory Sphere | Mini Zen Garden | Instructional Video

Swirls Sensory Sphere | Mini Zen Garden | Instructional Video

So you've received your Swirls sensory sphere in the mail and are ready to start creating interesting patterns in your mini zen garden. We're certain you'll come up with your own creative ways to make a mark, but here are a few ideas for you to get started. 

Original Swirls Sphere

Swirls is one of our most versatile texture spheres, because it can be stamped from above to create circular peppermint swirls, rolled in circles, lines or even just organically rolled to create random swirly textures.

swirls patterning orb

There's no right or wrong way to create your patterns. You can always wipe away your creations and start anew.

Sand Texture Sphere Swirl Pattern

Have fun experimenting with different ways to stamp and roll and be sure to check out our full line of patterning orbs. In the video below, we'll show you how to roll your Swirls pattern sphere to create circular whirls in the sand. 

Like all of our designs, this sphere is an original design, carved by hand.

original sand sphere designs | handmade

Each detail is painstakingly carved until it's perfect, sometimes taking as many as 50 hours to complete. 

We then create a mold and the spheres are hand-poured in concrete in small batches.

Don't settle for cheap copies made in a factory- our spheres are the real deal and your purchase supports a small ecosystem of artists in our Portland studio. 

From our hands to yours, we take pride in what we do and would love to connect with you by e-mail or social media. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see and share. We post studio pics, new product releases and more. Happy rolling!

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