Our family-owned business has made our original sand spheres and desktop zen gardens since 2008. Whether you're looking to enhance your play therapy tools supply, are a miniature gardening enthusiast looking for something new to add to your collection, or looking to create calm and beauty in your space, we thrill in making quality, original pieces for you to enjoy- from our small art studio to your hands. To create each design, such as our sand sphere Swirls below, Andrew carves each sphere design by hand. 

Some designs take up to 50 hours to carve. Above, you can see Andrew carving our Petals sphere. His carving process is very careful and deliberate. Each and every one of our spheres is made by him. No machines or computers to assist.

Small Batch | Artisan Made

After a design is completed, we create a silicone mold to reproduce the form. Then, our studio assistants pour concrete into the mold, let it harden, then sand and stain each and every piece by hand. Artisan made in small batches with care. Created in an art studio, not mass produced in a far away factory. 

Portland Saturday Market

Andrew, the founder and creator behind Olander Earthworks, started selling at the Portland Saturday Market in 2008 when his wife Sarah was pregnant with our first child. Sarah joined Andrew in business in 2014. 

Homegrown Family Business

Our family was born and grew right alongside our business. Here's our youngest daughter with Andrew, selling at the Market in 2010. 

Sand Spheres | Made in the USA

Another family shot. This was around 2014. The girls are trying out our various sand sphere designs. 

Here are our two girls with Andrew in 2019. Our business has grown up alongside them. We've written our own beautifully complex story and our wonderful customers and fans are part of it. We couldn't have done this without you and we have always appreciated your support.

Family Business

We're currently sheltering in place to stay safe and healthy during COVID-19, but we hope to see you all out and about when this is over.

sand play therapy tools

In the meantime, we're still taking web orders and even doing live virtual sales with products we currently have in stock, so just get in touch if you need anything! Check out our web store offerings here: