Play Amongst the Plants

Play Amongst the Plants

All of us can benefit from taking a moment away to relax. It's so hard to find time, but even a few minutes of fresh air can make a difference. Whether it's a moment spent pulling weeds and tending to the garden, strolling through a local park, or even sitting on a balcony with your eyes closed and breathing deeply in the sun, the important thing is to take a few moments to yourself and enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds around you. 

We got inspired by this season of plants and gardening, so we put together this sweet little mini zen garden package with our Clovers sphere. There's only one available of this particular custom color combination. If you don't see it here take a look around at our other nature-inspired spheres, like Ants, Bees and Flowers and enjoy building your own zen garden set here

The nice thing about our smaller 9" and 12" trays is that they can be brought out to the patio to enjoy, then stowed away on a table or shelf when not in use.  

Wishing you moments of peace and relaxation as we head into the spring months!

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