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Olander Earthworks at the 2016 Maker's Faire

OMSI Makers Faire 2016. Sand play sensory fun!

We had such a fun time at the OMSI Maker's Faire in Portland this September! It was a great chance to connect with kids and adults alike. It was our first time displaying a 5'x2' giant sand table and it was a blast. We used our "seconds spheres" for that display, so there were no worries of dropping or chipping and we let the kids get messy and have some sensory fun making patterns and running their hands through the sand. Sarah's father was in town and helped out for the day, which was a special treat. 

We've long worked with play therapists, sand play therapists and occupational therapists, but they were out in numbers at this event and it made for great conversation about the therapeutic uses of our sand spheres and how they can be used as sensory sand play tools. We plan to be back at the Maker's Faire next year. It was a well-curated event for all ages and we enjoyed being a fun analog contrast to the amazing coding and digital wonders we saw. Our only regret this year is that we didn't have more time to explore and talk with the other makers.