Give Flowers | A Clever Twist on a Classic Gift

Give Flowers | A Clever Twist on a Classic Gift

Give Flowers | A Unique Twist

When we think of gifting, we often think of giving flowers. What if there was a way to give the gift of flowers, but have them bloom all year long? Stamp and roll the sphere to create beautiful flower patterns in the sand.

Your gift becomes a daily display of affection, hand made by artists and meant to invoke creative play and relaxation. Our sand play trays are perfect for your desktop and you can choose the sizes, textures and colors that fit your space. They're reminiscent of a traditional zen garden, but bring in the artistic sense of creation. Roll the spheres around to release anxiety and stress. This multi-sensory activity is fun and relaxing. 

Buy your own here:

Give Flowers Zen Garden Package

If you're just wanting a Flowers sphere to update the zen garden you already have, then check out our various sand sphere patterns here:

Flowers Sphere

Our collection goes way beyond flowers. We make all sorts of different texture sphere patterns, so have fun checking out our collection and picking the perfect combination for your gift!

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