Calming Tools for the Office

Calming Tools for the Office


As more and more of us work from home, office life has become home life. Creating a space that's comfortable and calming is more important now than ever. Lighting, wall color and even the items one chooses to put on their desk can all be re-evaluated and changed to create a better work environment. 

Many people are using our meditation trays as a helpful desktop calming tool. This sand-patterning activity activates three different senses- seeing the beautiful sand patterns emerge as one rolls the spheres through the sand, feeling the grit as the sphere moves and hearing the sound it makes (which resembles ocean waves!). 

Explore our collection of meditation tray packages or add our sand spheres to a sand tray you already own. 

Shop our typical packaged sets here.

Shop our one-of-a-kind curated sets here.

Build your own magical set by starting here.

Have fun and be sure to tag us @olanderearthworks if you post a picture of your desktop with one of our trays on it!


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