Olander Earthworks Sand Spheres

Olander Earthworks Sand Spheres- Home Grown Since 2008

We design and make all our original sand sphere designs and have created our Wonderscape sand trays since 2008. Meditation spheres, texture spheres and texture orbs are a few of the other names people use to describe them.

Whether you're looking for fun and interactive patio decor or sand tray therapy supplies for your therapy practice, we've built a collection of over 40 different designs for you to explore and fall in love with!

Each Olander Earthworks sand sphere is designed and hand-carved by our founder Andrew Lonnquist. Below you can see our oldest daughter with Andrew in 2010 at the Portland Saturday Market, then both of our girls through the years growing up alongside our small business. You can't make up that sort of home grown story!

Pictured here: Lines Sand Sphere (2010), Swirls Sand Sphere (2010), Rings Sand Sphere (2010), Topo (2011)


Andrew and our oldest daughter in 2010. If you zoom in you can see some of our oldest sphere designs, such as Spirals and Lines!

Andrew and our oldest daughter, playing in the sand at his Portland Saturday Market booth a few years later. 

Our second daughter, playing as a young toddler.

Both daughters with Andrew at Portland Saturday Market in 2019

You won't find our Wonderscapes on Amazon or other websites supporting large scale factory made items and we pride ourselves on keeping things local. Our original sand sphere designs are still being handmade in our Portland studio to this day. 

Our business is built on creating community and getting to know our customers and what they want.

This playful video created by Winona Hwang is a little behind the scenes look at our small studio and how we do what we do on a daily basis to bring our interactive concrete sand spheres from our studio to your sand tray. Enjoy!


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