Getting Creative with your Desktop Zen Garden

Getting Creative with your Desktop Zen Garden

You just got your Olander Earthworks desktop zen garden in the mail. Or maybe you've had it for years. Either way, here's a helpful tip to up your sphere-rolling game! Try making a habit of using your set daily as a tool to recenter yourself after computer work during the day. 

To create a crisp delineation between sphere texture patterns, use the end of a paintbrush, a skewer or any thin, dull object to "draw" a line. Then, roll your sphere right up to the edge of your line. Roll the next sphere up to the opposite side of the line. It's subtle, but now you'll see a crisp divide between the two textures. 

daily wellness routine

If you wanna add to your texture play collection, check out what's new here.

Happy creating folks. Send us pics of your texture creations in the sand, or tag @olanderearthworks on social media. We wanna see what you've got!


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