Our Story

Founded in 2008, we are a family-owned studio of artists
who are dedicated to bringing creativity to our community
with our interactive, customizable multisensory art. We are
lovingly based in Portland, Oregon.

Guided by our backgrounds in sculpture and painting,
we make objects inspired by nature, math, science and
wellness. Our sculptures and Wonderscapes are designed
with the intention of bringing delightful newness to people’s
lives; each encounter with our art should inspire a new
creative journey.

Our work is rooted in a dedication to the wellness of both
people and planet, so we produce each piece by hand and
make them in small batches. In this way, we pass our values
onto our customers.

We are proud to be an active part of our local Portland art
community to bring well-being, play and creativity to all.

Our entire sculptural line is created, hand-cast in concrete and finished in Portland, OR. We utilize a local CNC company to cut our trays, then route, sand and finish them in house. We value quality over quantity and a high level of craftsmanship is integral to our end-product.