March 2020 Seconds Sale Batch #23 | Large Sphere | Swirls
$ 15.00

NO RETURNS. All second sphere sales are final. This listing is for one of the seconds spheres pictured above. These spheres have noticeable imperfections, such as bubbles in the cement, blemishes, off-color, slightly off-round, minor chips or other issues. They are 50% off our normal retail price. This is not something we offer all the time, so when they're gone, they're gone! 

Large Sphere Diameter: 2.25"

These spheres will be packaged in our general brown paper packaging, not gift boxes.

Feel free to make a request for a specific sphere you see in this picture, but if it's already been taken, you will get what you get, first come, first serve. If your requested sphere is taken, we will pick the best next option. If you are so inclined, feel free to list first, second, third, fourth choices etc. That will help us get you what you want :-).  If you don't know the name for the sphere you can indicate like this- 1st row, sphere #2 (moving from left to right). If you're ordering multiple spheres from different batches, we'll make an attempt to color coordinate them, but especially as numbers get low, we will combine as best we can. 

View our regularly priced spheres here: