Artisan Zen Decor | Sand Play Texture Tool | Lines
$ 32.50

Sensory Sand Play | Texture Tool | Custom Medium Rainbow Sphere | Lines

Celebrate Pride Month with our custom Rainbow spheres! This beautiful sensory sand play tool is a fun zen garden accessory, or pair it with our other sand texture tools and trays to create your own zen garden experience.

They are hand-cast & each stripe of the rainbow is hand-pigmented, so expect a slight variation with each sphere, giving them each their own unique quality. This listing is for one cement sphere. Interested in other rainbow sphere designs? Check them out here:

Some will purchase our spheres as a stand-alone piece of decor, however we've created them as mini zen garden sand-patterning tools. Consider purchasing a tray & sand to go with your sphere, or add it to your own zen garden display. If you use your own sand, make sure to go with a fine grade for the best sphere-rolling patterns. 

 You can check out our bagged sand here:

 Sphere Diameter: 2"