Artisan Zen Decor | Sand Play Texture Tool | Lines
$ 32.50

Sensory Sand Play | Texture Tool | Custom Medium Rainbow Sphere | Lines

Celebrate Pride Month with our custom Rainbow spheres. This beautiful sensory sand play tool is a fun zen garden accessory, or pair it with our other sand texture tools and trays to create your own playful mini zen garden experience. All of our sand spheres are original designs, created by Andrew Lonnquist. They are handmade with care in our Portland-based studio. Our small, family owned business has been developing our unique line of sand spheres and other fun cement sculptures since 2008. Thank you for supporting hand made!

They are hand-cast & each stripe of the rainbow is hand-pigmented, so expect a slight variation with each sphere, giving them each their own unique quality. This listing is for one cement sphere. Interested in other rainbow sphere designs? Check them out here:

Some will purchase our spheres as a stand-alone piece of decor, however we've created them as mini zen garden sand-patterning tools. Consider purchasing a tray & sand to go with your sphere, or add it to your own zen garden display. If you use your own sand, make sure to go with a fine grade for the best sphere-rolling patterns. 

 You can check out our bagged sand here:

 Sphere Diameter: 2"