Concrete Sphere | Custom Medium | Rainbow Spirals
$ 32.50

Concrete Sensory Ball | Custom Medium | Rainbow Spirals

Have you been searching for stress relief tools for the office? This creative take on a zen garden tool might be just what you're looking for. Stamp and roll this colorful orb in the sand to create fun textures. This multi-sensory tool is a playful way to take a quick mental vacation from the daily grind. Feel and hear the texture and sound of the sand crunch as you roll. Enjoy the visuals of intricate patterns in the sand, no skill required. All of our cement spheres are hand poured in small batches in our Oregon art studio.

All of our zen sand sphere designs are created by Andrew Lonnquist. In fact, this Spirals sphere was one of the very first designs he created in 2008. 

Celebrate Pride Month with our custom Rainbow spheres. A fun desktop toy! No beach necessary. 

They are hand-cast & each stripe of the rainbow is hand-pigmented, so expect a slight variation with each sphere, giving them each their own unique quality. This listing is for one cement sphere. Interested in other rainbow sphere designs? Check them out here:

Some will purchase our spheres as a stand-alone conversation piece, however we've created them as mini zen garden sand-patterning tools. Consider purchasing a tray & sand to go with your sphere, or add it to your own zen garden display. If you use your own sand tray and sand, make sure to go with a fine grade for the best sphere-rolling patterns. 

Check out our bagged sand here:

Sphere Diameter: 2"

Made to order in 5-7 business days. 


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