Concrete Head Trio
$ 96.00

This playful trio of heads is made to sit on a flat surface like a mantel or shelf.

This listing is for three sculptures, titled from left to right: "Holler", "Delight" & "Sing". The available colors are indicated in the drop-down menu. This deal only applies to same color sets. 

Olander Earthworks cement Heads offer dynamic fun and versatility for their owners. Each head can be tilted to rest on a number of unassuming flat spots that compose the underbelly of the piece. The possibilities of combinations and positions amongst a group of heads are seemingly limitless. The fun grows exponentially the more of them you invite to the party.

We take delight in the subtle variations in each head we cast. Expect your sculptures to have unique characteristics in surface color and saturation that may differ slightly from the images above. We closely inspect each piece for our standard of quality before it leaves the studio.

Approximate Dimensions: 2"H x 2"W x 2 3/4"D
Approximate Weight: 9.7oz per sculpture

Will ship within 2 business days of purchase.