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Artisan Made Wide Mouth Bowl | Ocean | Small

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This listing is for one small Ocean wide mouth bowl, air plant not included. Perfect for containing air plants, jewelry or other treasures of your choosing. This size also works nicely as a salt cave. 

Think of the piece you'll receive as an individual work with a character and composition all its own. The form will be as pictured above, but your vessel is made to order in a small batch cast within this color range. We've displayed multiple vessels to demonstrate the variation and scale to expect. This line was created for the delightful serendipity of visual textures that emerge in this process. We want you to love what you receive, so we consider each piece for that je ne sais quoi quality before it goes out the door.

Each Olander Earthworks pod is created by pouring and swirling various colors of gypsum concrete. There’s a short window of time to work the fluid mixture before the colors set and the piece hardens into its permanent form. The piece is then meticulously sanded to uncover the richness of figure and composition and to create a silky tactile texture. 

The enchanting quality of this product line is in the striated effect of colors, dynamically flowing, stacking and integrating when mixed.

The palette will essentially be the same in each colorway, but the saturations can vary and are intentionally mixed by hand. The hues, shades and tints develop their own dialog through each piece created. 

Height: 2 1/4"

Diameter: 3"

Made to order, 5-7 business days studio time.


Care Instructions

If your texture makers get a little smudged, sticky or dirty, they can be gently scrubbed under running water with a sponge or nylon brush; no cleaners are necessary. Allow sculptures time to fully dry before placing them back in the sand.
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