Mini Zen Garden in black and white. A zen box that is both beautiful centerpiece & sand play for the young at heart.
$ 140.00

Monochrome Desktop Zen Garden | Nature Package

Happy workers make a happy office. We've created a neat twist on your typical Japanese zen garden with rake. It's an art piece merged with a mini zen garden and it's a cool multi-sensory tool. Take your sand art game to the next level. Your break room has never been such a fun place to be. Create, play and relax with the ultimate zen garden. These hypnotic circular patterns mimic natural patterns, such as ripples on a pond. This therapeutic sensory tool is a piece of art worthy of desktop display. Bring to the office for a fun breaktime activity, but be careful, because your co-workers will want a turn too! You can buy a zen garden for a fraction of the price, but usually they're created in a large factory somewhere far away. Our artisan zen gardens are all originals, designed and created with care in the USA by a family run business. We care about our employees, our community and our customers. No outsourcing happening here! Check out our large collection of sand play options.

Zen-like and fun, our sphere packages are both beautiful tabletop centerpiece and instant stress relief. Make beautiful textured patterns in the sand. Experiment with different rolling techniques to create different results. Our curated sphere selections take the guess-work out of picking the right design/color combination, but we have options large and small. Take a look around to find the perfect fit for you. 

We designed our circular wooden trays specifically for our spheres. They have coved edges to allow sand play right up to the edges. They're also made to encourage the proper depth of sand for optimal results.

Made to order: 5-7 day processing time.

12" Tray with Bubbles, Ripples, Swirls and 1lb Sand


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