Tabletop Modern Zen Garden: Circles Package, 15" Circular Wooden Tray, 24oz Sand & 5 Cement Spheres
$ 215.00

No start and no end- cathartic circles to ease your linear days.

Sand play for the young at heart in all of us. An imaginative, high quality tabletop centerpiece that offers stress relief through creative sand play. Develop fine motor skills and expand your creative thinking by rolling the spheres to create a combination of compelling textures. This handmade curated sphere combo was meant to take the guess-work out of picking the right design/color combination. If you're feeling up to it, peruse our collection of sand sphere textures and colors and build the perfect combination for you.

Our Circular Wooden Trays are designed specifically by us for our spheres and are made in Portland, OR. They have coved edges, so you can create texture in the sand right up to the edges. They're also made at the perfect depth to encourage the proper depth of sand for optimal results.

15" Tray w/Sand & Swirls, Cellular, Ripples, Bubbles, Rings

Made to order: 5-7 day processing time.