Desktop Zen Garden Kit | Portland Package
Desktop Zen Garden Kit | Portland Package Desktop Zen Garden | The Portland Package
$ 140.00

Creative twist on the desktop zen garden kit. Give your desktop some love with the Portland Package! Calm your senses with this playful handmade stress relief tool. Relax and refocus your energy as you create unique sand art. No artistic skills needed. We've paired three of our most popular sand spheres with fine sand and a shallow wooden sand tray to create a unique and clever package, perfect for gifting or keeping for yourself. 

Our engaging artisan made sand sphere packages are both a creative, conversation-starting centerpiece and instant stress relief activity. Stamp and roll to make cathartic patterns in the sand. Experiment with various techniques to create different results. We've curated these complete kits to take away the guess-work, but feel free to browse our individual spheres and trays to build your own combination. There are many options, so take a look around to find the perfect fit for you. 

All of our products are original designs created by us and hand made in Portland, OR since 2008. Our sand trays are coved, so you can create sand texture right up to the edges. Their shallow depth encourages the proper amount of sand for optimal textural results.

Includes 12" Tray w/1lb Sand & Flowers, Lines, Bubbles

Made to order: 5-7 day processing time.


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